The Middle

by Junt & Ghost

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I'm tired of not knowing what to believe in the news. The feeling that all information I take in was actually designed for me. I often feel manipulated. This track sums up my current thoughts on anything political and it's relationship with the various news outlets. News, business, politics and entertainment have blended; leaving me in a thick fog of confusion and doubt.


What if I care?
What if I don't?
Another will, another won't.
Out of sight and out of mind,
but wrong or right I'm out of line?
Will it change if I don't help?
Or disappear up on a shelf?
Will I cry if I don't try?
Will I regret?
Yeah, I bet.
I've seen it all, but not enough to claim defeat or make me tough.
Too late to play the game.
Am I to blame if it stays the same?
Cuz I've been stretched thin of late and I'm at my wit's end now.
Check mate.
Wound up like a yoyo, I know, "YOLO"
Life has me up and down and up and...
Easy just to play along.
Easier to get lost in song.
Behold, in my eye, I can do no wrong.
So I just try to stay healthy and strong.
I think of her; my little girl.
And she don't know, yet, about the world.
Neither do I, or so I'm told.
Can't buy the truth, already been sold.

This just in, I think I'm going crazy!
And I don't really want you to see me this way. No.

But, ain't nobody got time for this.
And ain't nobody got time for that.
Ain't nobody got time for a guy, like me,
with no time just to give it right back. Huh...
I don't know who's side I'm on.
And I don't know what to believe anymore.
And now they tell me that the news is fake?
And I don't know how to feel anyway.
But there's more than two sides to a story and it's boring
always being caught up in the middle, where it's safe.
How are we supposed to know who's in charge of the shit storm now?
(follow the money)
Do I dare care at all?
Scared to fall, scared to crawl?
And find a way... ANOTHER way just to live day to day.

This just in, I think I'm going crazy!
And I don't really want you to see me this way. No.
I speak my mind, now I'm thinking maybe...
...that I don't really like the way that you look at me anymore.

They only want us to be nothing more than enemies.
We closed that door, so now they can finally keep it shut.


released June 12, 2017
Words & music written, performed, recorded and mixed by: James Flagg
Illustrations by: Kelly Moninger
Mastered by: Ty Brookman



all rights reserved


Junt & Ghost Sartell, Minnesota

These are solo projects. The result of me not collaborating with others musically. Results will vary.
No promises, no expectations.

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