Slow the Flow

by Junt & Ghost

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I'm always tired, not expired. Sometimes hired, rarely fired
Still inspired and looking for ways to explore
I'm always trying even though there's no return
When will I learn to withstand the burning sensation of feeling ignored?
Just like an itch that can't be scratched I feel attached
But to a dream that doesn't seem to fit my theme like it did before
It's gotten so bad that my wife needs to remind me
Not to start up another band every time I head out the door

Do I push myself too hard or not enough?
Racing the pace of exhaustion

Struggle to make a living and balance with giving and taking
Steady raking but it's a challenge making the green
I'm not alone in this mission constantly wishing
For another opportunity to get me living the dream
From the bottom all I ever see is asses
And I'm swimming in molasses with no help to rise with the cream
Interest rates are higher than I am on a Friday
And now they got me straight believing that all I can do is just...

Constantly treading water, but will I start to sink?
Scared of the face of the future...
At times I would love to flee or just be free like the leaves in the breeze

The sun and rain are all I care about
Try to sustain what's slowly running out

Feeling broken, not joking, think it's a token
To the way I've been living, it's gotten tough to pick up the slack
Spinning faster than last year, a greener pasture behind me
Looking forward it's slowly fading from grey to black
Try to keep up and make the rounds to my stomping grounds
My rate is slowing, knowing that I'm brewing a heart attack
I miss my mammy n my pappy n my granny
But I know they're proud of the way that I haven't been looking back

The cosmos doesn't care and why would it?
Just a teardrop from the stars

I'm thirty five years old with nothing but lovin'
No bun in the oven, I'm pushing and shoving to rewind the hands
A careful planner but I'm raging like Banner
I'm sadder than a broken sifter trying to slow down the flowing sands
I need a flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion
Just so I can stop losing the time and fit in all of my plans
Carpe diem, I see 'em, the roses
But my nose is pointed in all directions I hope they can understand

I guess I wouldn't change a thing 'cause what would it bring?
An alternative path of yearning?
Fragile I hang from a string or rather clinging
I stumble and trip but I'm learning

The more I complain, the less I figure out
What this magical world is really all about
A gift of love, pain and mortality
The only way eternity could taste this sweet


released August 1, 2014
Words & music written, recorded and mixed by: James Swensen-Flagg
Illustrations by: Pat Jensen
Mastered by: Dinis DeCarvalho



all rights reserved


Junt & Ghost Sartell, Minnesota

These are solo projects. The result of me not collaborating with others musically. Results will vary.
No promises, no expectations.

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